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Honeycomb Blind Design

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Honeycomb Blinds use a honeycomb inspired design to offer a unique twist to the traditional bong. The blinds are not only stylish but also give the home energy efficiency and sound proofing advantages.

Honeycomb Blind Designs are Energy Efficient

As we learned, the honeycomb bong uses a hexagonal structure to efficiently increase the volume of an area while also using the least material. The honeycomb blinds uses this hexagonal structure to help create an insulating barrier by trapping air in the cells that keeps the house warm in winter, cold in the summer and saves money on energy bills.

Honeycomb Blind Design Blocks Sound

The special space created by the hexagonal structure lets the honeycomb blind block some sounds. The air gap slows the propagation of sound in the home to dampen certain noise (such as hardware floors) and reduce street noise

If you're into honeycomb blinds and more honeycomb inspired designs be sure to explore all of the products inspired by this wonderful geometrical structure.

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