Piece of Honeycomb

Honeycomb Inspired Designs

Honeycomb structures are naturally seen in honey bee nests, which use hexagons to maximize the total volume of cells that can be built into an area. The unique structural properties of the honeycomb have inspired technological innovations such as the honeycomb tire, the honeycomb bong, and honeycomb blinds. We invite you to explore these modern marvels and learn more about honeycomb Inspired designs.


Honeycomb Tire Design

Traditionally, solid rubber tires have given a rough ride, generated too much heat, and were difficult to repair ( let's say a piece gets...

Honeycomb Bong Design

The honeycomb bong uses the hexagonal structure of the honeycomb to offer a superior smoking experience. Smokers normally want to get a...

Honeycomb Blind Design

Honeycomb Blinds use a honeycomb inspired design to offer a unique twist to the traditional bong. The blinds are not only stylish but...